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PLOT NO H 3075 PHASE-4, 302, SHANTI VILLA RESIDENCY, GOLDEN CHOKDI, GIDC, Bhadkodara, Bharuch, Gujarat, 393002

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Plot No. 2006/F, 5 A.A. Arcade, Opp. Subhasri Pigment Pvt Ltd, GIDC, Ankleshwar 393002 Gujarat, INDIA

Soda Ash (Light & Dense)

Physical Properties:
Light Soda Ash:
  • Appearance: White, odorless powder
  • Particle Size: Fine powder
  • Solubility in Water: Highly soluble
Dense Soda Ash:
  • Appearance: White, granular or dense crystalline form
  • Particle Size: Larger granules or crystals
  • Solubility in Water: Dissolves slowly
Chemical Properties:
  • Chemical Name: Sodium Carbonate (Na₂CO₃)
  • Molecular Formula: Na₂CO₃
  • Purity: Typically 99% or higher
  • pH (10% Solution): ~11.6
  1. Glass Manufacturing:

    • Essential raw material for the production of glass, providing clarity and strength.
  2. Detergent and Soap Production:

    • Used in the manufacturing of detergents and soaps as a water softener and alkalinity builder.
  3. Water Treatment:

    • Applied in water treatment processes to adjust pH levels and soften water.
  4. Chemical Industry:

    • Utilized in various chemical processes, including the production of chemicals and dyes.
  5. Mining Industry:

    • Used in the mining industry for pH regulation and extraction of certain minerals.
  6. Metallurgy:

    • Plays a role in metallurgical processes, such as the extraction of metals from ores.
  7. Pulp and Paper Industry:

    • Employed for the causticizing of pulp in the paper manufacturing process.
Handling and Safety:
  • Follow safety guidelines for handling chemicals, including using protective equipment.
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from incompatible substances.
Additional Information:
  • Light soda ash is preferred for applications where rapid dissolution is crucial.
  • Dense soda ash is suitable for applications where slower dissolution is acceptable.

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