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Plot No. 2006/F, 5 A.A. Arcade, Opp. Subhasri Pigment Pvt Ltd, GIDC, Ankleshwar 393002 Gujarat, INDIA

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Plot No H 3075 Phase-4, 302, Shanti Villa Residency, Golden chokdi, GIDC, Bhadkodara, Bharuch, Gujarat, 393002

Register Address

PLOT NO H 3075 PHASE-4, 302, SHANTI VILLA RESIDENCY, GOLDEN CHOKDI, GIDC, Bhadkodara, Bharuch, Gujarat, 393002

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Plot No. 2006/F, 5 A.A. Arcade, Opp. Subhasri Pigment Pvt Ltd, GIDC, Ankleshwar 393002 Gujarat, INDIA


We appreciate your interest in PMC Ouvrie and our extensive range of defoamers tailored for diverse industries. Specifically formulated, PMC Ouvrie defoamers cater to the requirements of sugar processors, alcohol distillers, and paper and pulp mills. Moreover, our defoamers find applications in the agri-food industry, building and construction (particularly for defoaming industrial mortars), biotechnology, and wastewater treatment.

PMC Ouvrie is also a leading manufacturer of specialty esters with applications ranging from emulsifiers and solubilizers to stabilizers, defoamers, and antifoam solubilizing products. Our defoamers play a crucial role in various industries, ensuring continuous productivity across diverse fields.

To explore the specific defoamers you need, please follow the links below to your area of interest. For further information, feel free to contact us using the provided details or fill out our online form.

Defoamers play a crucial role in various industries, including chemical processing, agriculture, and manufacturing. URJA EXPORTS, with its rich history in chemical excellence, recognizes the importance of defoamers in addressing challenges associated with unwanted foam formation.

Our expertise in the chemical sector extends to the development and supply of high-quality defoaming agents. These agents are meticulously formulated to effectively control and eliminate foam in diverse applications. URJA EXPORTS’ defoamers find applications across multiple industries, showcasing our commitment to providing versatile solutions.

In the agricultural sector, our defoamers contribute to improved pesticide and fertilizer application by preventing excessive foam formation. This ensures that agricultural processes are not hindered by foam-related issues, leading to more efficient and effective practices.

In the industrial hardware segment, URJA EXPORTS defoaming solutions play a vital role in various manufacturing processes. From preventing foam in cooling systems to enhancing the efficiency of chemical production, our defoamers are tailored to meet the specific needs of industrial applications.

Packing solutions also benefit from our defoaming agents, ensuring that packaging processes remain smooth and efficient. The elimination of foam in packaging materials and processes is essential for maintaining product integrity and quality.

Furthermore, in the realms of ceramics and granites, our defoamers find application in processes where foam control is paramount. This ensures that these materials are produced with precision and consistency, meeting the high standards demanded by the global market.

URJA EXPORTS adaptability is exemplified through its evolution from a focus on chemical excellence to a diversified portfolio that includes defoaming solutions. Our commitment to quality and innovation continues to drive us as we address the unique challenges faced by various industries, providing them with reliable defoaming solutions that contribute to enhanced productivity and operational efficiency.