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Register Address

PLOT NO H 3075 PHASE-4, 302, SHANTI VILLA RESIDENCY, GOLDEN CHOKDI, GIDC, Bhadkodara, Bharuch, Gujarat, 393002

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Plot No. 2006/F, 5 A.A. Arcade, Opp. Subhasri Pigment Pvt Ltd, GIDC, Ankleshwar 393002 Gujarat, INDIA

Calcium Chloride 94-97% (Granule/Prill)

Calcium Chloride, with a concentration of 94-97%, is a versatile chemical compound with a wide range of applications. In granule or prill form, it is preferred for certain uses where controlled release and ease of handling are essential.

  • Concentration: 94-97%
  • Chemical Formula: CaCl₂
  • Form: Granules/Prills


  1. De-icing and Snow Removal:

    • Widely used for de-icing roads, sidewalks, and parking lots during winter.
    • Melts ice and snow effectively, providing improved traction on icy surfaces.
  2. Dust Control:

    • Applied on unpaved roads to control dust by absorbing moisture and preventing soil particles from becoming airborne.
  3. Concrete Accelerator:

    • Used as an accelerator in concrete to speed up the setting and hardening process.
  4. Oil and Gas Industry:

    • Employed in the extraction of oil and gas as a brine solution to increase the density of drilling fluids.
  5. Food Additive:

    • Acts as a firming agent in food processing, particularly in the production of pickles.
  6. Desiccant:

    • Utilized as a desiccant to absorb moisture in various industrial and commercial applications.
  7. Hydrating Agent:

    • Used in the production of canned fruits and vegetables to maintain firmness.

Handling and Safety:

  • Follow safety guidelines for handling chemicals, including using protective equipment.
  • Store in a cool, dry place away from incompatible substances.

As Suppliers of Calcium Chloride 94-97% (Granule/Prill): We supply high-quality Calcium Chloride in granule or prill form, meeting the diverse needs of industries. Our product adheres to safety standards to ensure effective and safe use.

Note: Proper handling and storage practices are essential to preserve the quality and safety of Calcium Chloride. Consideration of specific application requirements is recommended for optimal results.